EdTech14: Come and Tech It! Session Schedule


OPENING SESSION | 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM | Room: LBJ 3.14

Welcome & Overview, Shaunna Smith

Keynote: Getting Out of the Way, Jon Samuelson

    -Let students take charge of their learning with technology. ________________________________________________________________________________


Don’t Lose, Use Donors Choose | Corinne Robbins | Room: LBJ 3.14

-Learn how to maximize your donations from Donors Choose! Experienced help with tips and tricks to get your project funded.

All Levels, Core Content, Web 2.0, Teacher Centered Tools

We Got the Write Stuff, Baby | Bianca Becker, Chelsea Schauer, Robyn Shields | Room: LBJ 3.11

-A panel presentation and discussion on using technology for collaborative writing in elementary, middle and high school.

All Levels, Core Content, Open Source, Multi-media, Web 2.0, Student Centered Tools

I Pick, You Pick, We all PicCollage | Caitlin Fedderke | Room: LBJ 3.10

-Elementary school teachers learn how to use the Web 2.0 app PicCollage, specifically in science lessons.

Elementary, Core, Science, BYOD, Student Centered Tools

App Smashing: Google Earth Collides with Explain Everything | Sandy Crump | Room: LBJ 3.9

-Google Earth + Explain Everything to create and describe landforms.

Elementary, Core, Social Studies, BYOD, Student Centered Tools

WYSIWYG | Ronald Becker | Room: LBJ 3.5

-What you see is what you get web development tools for elementary.

Elementary, Humanities/Fine Arts, Web 2.0, Teacher Centered Tools



Mashup Tools for Blended Learning | Dr. David C. Byrum | Room: LBJ 3.14

-A showcase of Web 2.0 tools that help teachers combine different types of content for 21st century teaching and learning.

    All Levels, Multidisciplinary, Web 2.0 Tools, Teacher Centered Tools

Giving Creativity Some STEAM with 3-D Printing | Dr. Shaunna Smith | Room: LBJ 3.11

-Explore how 3-D printing can be effectively integrated into K-12 classrooms to support creativity and multidisciplinary learning.

All Levels, Multidisciplinary, STEM/STEAM, 3-D Printing, Student Centered Tools

Do You Symbaloo? | Amy Petri | Room: LBJ 3.10

-Explore how to create a Symbaloo Webmix with various instructional websites and incorporate them into the classroom.

    All Levels, Multidisciplinary, BYOD, Teacher Centered Tools

Web 2.0 for ELLs | Vanessa Valdez | Room: LBJ 3.9

-Learn to navigate two free apps: Phrasal Verbs and Duolingo to assist English Language Learners

All Levels, Special Education, ELL, Web 2.0, Student Centered Tools

Don’t Muddle – Know Your Edmodo | Judith Garcia-Bigger | Room: LBJ 3.5

-Learn how to bring Edmodo alive in your classroom.

All Levels, Multidisciplinary, BYOD, Open Source, Teacher Centered Tools


12:00 PM – 12:50 PM | LUNCH | LBJ 3.13



¡Si Se Puede! 10 Ways to Teach STEM Using Lego® Robotics | Dr. Araceli Martinez Ortiz | Room: LBJ 3.14

-Design, construct and program with Lego® Mindstorms® robotics to make your creations come to life.

All Levels, Pre-Service Teachers, In-Service Teachers, STEM/STEAM, BYOD, Student Centered Tools

Actively Engage Students with Web 2.0 Apps | Dr. Rubén Garza | Room: LBJ 3.11

-Brain-based, constructivist, experiential, and social Web 2.0 with PollEverywhere, Flavorsme, TodaysMeet, and Fotobabble

Secondary, Post-Secondary, Professional, BYOD (required), Student Centered Tools

You Can Teach Your “π” and Have Fun Too! | Dr. Beth Bos | Room: LBJ 3.10

-Confidently integrate Geogebra, Minecraft, and other math tools into your classroom. BYOD to engage in activities.

All Levels, Core, Web 2.0, BYOD, Student Centered Tools

Seduction of the Reluctant Learner: The Use of Educational Comics | Dr. Doug Holschuh | Room: LBJ 3.9

-An Interactive discussion of educational comics from Eisner to the present

All Levels, Arts and Humanities, Student Centered Tools



“STEAM UP” Your Classroom: Open-Source | Rhonda V. Church

-Integrating open-source mobile computing devices and 3D digital fabrication technology into K-12 classrooms.

All Levels, 3D Digital Fabrication, Open-Source Technology, K-12 Classrooms, Student-centered tech tools

 New Tech City vs. House Bill 5 (HB 5): An Unlikely Love | Haydee Fuselier

-Examining mandates of HB 5; specifically those that impact district technology purchases or approaches

All Levels, HB 5, Digital Innovations, 21st Century Technology, Leadership, Teacher-centered tools

Make (Almost) Anything | Dr. Shaunna Smith

-Exploring various makerspace technologies in multidisciplinary content learning in K-12 classrooms.

All Levels, DIY Technology, Art Education, 3D Printing, 2D Printing, Makerspaces, Student-Centered Tools, Web 2.0

Educational Technology M. Ed. Program | EdTech Faculty

-Innovative information on the Educational Technology M.Ed. Program

Post Secondary, Professional, EdTech Program, Instructional Technology, 21st Century Technology, Leadership

Graduate Portfolio Presentations | Educational Technology Masters Students

  • Bill Crooks

  • Sandy Crump

  • Laurie Guerra

  • Raechel Friedman

  • Lori Harrison

  • Adam Goodman

  • Sean Douglas

  • Haydee Fuselier

  • Amanda Willmann

  • Angie Settemeyer


CLOSING SESSION | 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM | LBJ 3.14

Wrap Up, Raffle, Farewells




Catering and Food Orders

Panera Bread will be catering for our event. There is a Signature Boxed Lunch offered for $10. Choose a Signature sandwich; served with potato chips, pickle spear & cookie. Pre-orders for lunch will be taken by the event crew via the form located below. Payment for your order will be due on the day of the conference and there is a cash only policy. More information is located in our Food Page.



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